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Comprehensive Cardiac Treatment By Experts

  • Jul 25
  • Cardiac Care

Heart attack kills one person in every 3 seconds in India, while the nation bears the burden of two million heart attacks every year. The picture is not that pretty for the coming future as lifestyle changes, stress and neglect for physical fitness will account for a surge in patients with heart-related problems.

Comprehensive Cardiac Treatment

Thankfully, India is a hub for comprehensive cardiac treatment and surgery related to numerous heart conditions too. Every year international and local heart patients check into many reputed cardiac surgery hospitals for treatment of different heart diseases like congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease, valve blockage and disease, atrial fibrillation, Myocardial infarction and bypass surgery. 

Putting up their best to cope with the ever-increasing inbound heart patients, Cardiac surgery hospitals like Fortis Malar are equipped with state of the art diagnostic solutions like Electrocardiogram (ECG), Echocardiogram, Cardiac Computerized Tomography or CT Scan, MRI as well as modern operation theatres and Emergency wards with highly experienced Cardiac Surgery Specialists and patient-friendly staff.

Comprehensive Treatment options

Providing world-class care with a wide range of treatment options like acute coronary syndrome treatment, coronary bypass graft surgery, cardiac valve replacement and repair procedures, eletrophysiology and heart device implants, in hospital Cardiac arrest prevention and resuscitation etc. the patients are given utmost care, information and counselling along with induction in cardiac rehabilitation, disease management and lifestyle changes to live a quality life post-treatment

Patient-friendly Modern Surgical Procedures 

Until recently, patients had to bear slow recovery, infections, extreme discomfort and substantial costs while undergoing cardiac surgery. But by the introduction of minimally invasive heart surgery in many hospitals in India, the treatment has become more affordable with shorter recovery time minimizing hospital bed expenses.

Minimal invasive surgery is done for many heart conditions. The technique only requires a small incision on the anterior chest wall which leaves no major incision scar. Cardiac surgeons don’t have to cut the breastbone as they operate through between the ribs which is less painful, causes less blood loss and in minimally invasive to the surrounding tissue.

With advances like using robotic arms for surgical assistance and higher proficiency in skilled doctors performing minimal cardiac surgery, people are able to avail the best and state of the art treatment options at reputed cardiac hospitals and hope for better treatment outcomes in India itself. 

India is poised to represent itself as world class comprehensive cardiac treatment destination offering affordable and modern cardiac treatment options.  The hope for better cardiac care must be fortified with public awareness and cardiac disease prevention initiatives as well as early diagnosing of critical heart conditions. Cardiac institutes like Fortis Malar are trusted by thousands of heart patients in India and abroad for quality heart treatment and care. 

Comprehensive Cardiac treatment by experts

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