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Best Neurologists & Neuro Surgeons In Chennai

Dr. Soundappan V

Fortis Malar

Dr. Soundappan V

Senior Consultant Neuro Surgeon

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Dr. Senthilnathan J

Fortis Malar

Dr. Senthilnathan J

Consultant Neurology

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Dr. Ramanujam S

Fortis Malar

Dr. Ramanujam S

Associate Consultant Neuro & Spine Surgery

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Fortis Malar - Best Neurologist in Chennai


The Department of Neurology at Fortis is renowned for treating a wide array of neurological disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves with high success rates setting new standards in the healthcare industry. We bring together an elite cadre of neurologists and neurosurgeons to unfold the intricate secrets of many neurological disorders and their treatment modalities.

Neurological disorders pose both physical and psychological threats to the patients. They can vary depending on the age and gender of the patients, so our neurologists carry out a number of diagnostic tests to arrive at the right treatment plan.

The neurologists are not only well versed in treating mild cases of headaches, stroke, sleep disorders, and neuromuscular diseases but also the trickiest disorders which often involve complex procedures to cure.

The need of the day is to treat the immediate consequences of any neurological disorder with a clear understanding of all the know-how of it. So, by bringing unprecedented changes to the field of Neurology, our neurologists increase the chances of betterment and transform the clinical outcomes to a greater extent for the benefit of the patients.

Our dedicated team of doctors never waver from the goal of superior patient-focused care by making an exemplary contribution to their field. A wide range of diagnostic techniques and treatment modalities are carried out by them to heal all the neurological issues from its root.

At Fortis, our doctors render commendable service that produces impressive results with a strong emphasis on the speedy recouping of the patients.

With the state-of-the-art facilities available at our premises, our neurology doctors are strongly inclined towards offering a highly optimised treatment route.

They continue their accomplishments by putting the novel technologies into practice that are related to areas like Autonomic Neurology, Cancer Neurology, Cognitive and Behavioural Neurology, Critical Care Neurology, General Neurology, Movement Disorders, Neurological Infections and Inflammatory Diseases, Neuromuscular Diseases and EMG, Neuropsychiatric disorders, and Neurosurgery.

Proficient pediatric neurologists


Children are no exception for neurological disorders. Our spine surgeon in Chennai evaluate the conditions of children who suffer from neurological diseases and offer rigorous treatment to put them back on their feet at the earliest.

Through several rounds of discussion, treatment decisions are made by a panel of experts to offer the toddlers the right treatment and unparalleled quality of care.

We understand the indispensable importance of maintaining high standards in the healthcare industry and offer impeccable service to enrich lives. The top-notch infrastructure and latest amenities in the modern and serene hospital environment provide a soothing and comfortable atmosphere for every patient who steps in for their treatment.

Also, a strong emphasis is given on the infection control by following hygienic practices inside the premises to ensure the well-being of the patients. Leveraging the latest technologies and ultramodern facilities, we deliver exemplary care to all the patients, thus making Fortis their best healthcare partner.

In our endeavour to offer the best Neurological care, we offer individualized care and treatment to all the patients understanding their unique needs. Our team of doctors, nurses and staff at the Department of Neurology is always committed to the culture of high-quality medical care.

Laboratories are pivotal for any department of medical science to enhance patient care. Housed by a robust laboratory, the Department of Neurology at Fortis enables our neurology doctors to conduct cutting-edge research and understand the cause and cure of various complex neurologic illnesses that keep arising frequently.

It makes prominent advancements in the field of neurology to eliminate the difficult consequences a patient who has been affected by the neurological disorders has to go through.

Most trusted and experienced Spine Specialists in Chennai


Our Department of Neurology also features spine specialists and spine surgeons who make their earnest attempts to involve various therapies and minimally invasive procedures in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the spinal cord.

By constructing perfect treatment plans, they provide the best chance of complete recovery to all the patients without any fragmentation of care. Our spine specialist can unravel the most intricate clinical puzzles with their years of experience and immense expertise. Having evolved as the best health care service provider, caring beyond the treatment is the norm at Fortis.

So, our spine surgeons and neurosurgeons are supported by rehabilitation specialists to offer the best post-operative care to their patients.

With a group of clinical, surgical and research doctors, the crew at Fortis has been treating the entire spectrum of neurological diseases ranging from milder to complicated ones. Year on year, they lead thousands of patients to the road of recovery with their unique blend of preventive and curative care.

So, at Fortis, you can be assured that your condition is being taken care of by some of the best expert hands across the nation.

Fortis Malar doctors are known as the best Neurologist in Chennai and spine specialist in Chennai


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